Your Initial Visit

Prior to your first visit, please download and complete the forms located at the "Forms" tab above. If you are unable to download them, forms are available for you in the office. 


Your initial visit will consist of a thorough health history, evaluation, diagnosis and acupuncture treatment. Both you and your acupuncturist will determine your health goals and work together to obtain them. This will take about 1 hour depending on your specific issues. Subsequent visits will take about 30-45 minutes.


Based on the assessment, in addition to needling, your treatment may include electrical stimulation applied to the needles, therapeutic heat, and/or cupping. Cupping is an ancient practice of applying glass cups that form a suction on the skin, drawing out toxins, promoting blood flow, and restoring balance.


Please arrive wearing loose, comfortable clothing. If worn, pants should be able to be lifted comfortably to above the knee. Kindly eat a small meal or snack containing protein within the hour prior to your visit.



RN Acupuncture is not in network. However, we do accept insurance for clients that have out-of-network coverage. Our office is happy to verify your insurance for you. 



Payment is due at the time of service.

Both cash and personal checks are accepted.